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Bezkontaktní měření
Společnost ATACO má výhradní zastoupení významného německého výrobce měřící techniky Mesacon Messelektronik GmbH pro Českou republiku.

Measuring Systems for Thickness Measurement

Depending on application and requirements Mesacon designes, developes and manufactures measuring systems for thickness measurement. We provide measuring systems for simple thickness measurement (centre line measurement), for traversing profile measurement up to complex Multi Channel Profile gauges including Flatness-, width and speed measurement.

For the application in painting and galvanizing lines MESACON Messelektronik supplies layer thickness gauges based on Isotope backscattering or X-ray fluorescence principle.

Matched to your specific operational conditions respectively your needs we offer you modular measuring systems as overall design as well as partial solution. Of course we develop and realize software and also hardware applications for existing installations, too.

Thickness Measurement

For all fast control systems during the rolling process (hot rolling mill, cold rolling mill) the centre line thickness measurement is one of the basic controlling parameters.
The X-ray based thickness gauges of MESACON Messelektronik provide with their high sampling rates and the short evaluation times an ideal base for the line automation.
Due to the limited upper threshold of the X-ray systems Cs-Isotope based systems are used at the steel mills with material thickness of more than 60 mm.

Multi Channel Profile Measuring System

Particularly at the exit of hot rolling mills customers have high demands on the thickness profile gauges. In contrast to the traversing systems MESACON Multi channel systems record all 8 ms the complete thicknesses cross profile. Supplemented with temperature and Laser optical flatness and width measurement all profile relevant data’s are permanent available for the mill controlling. In addition to the normal thickness control it is possible to realize the flatness and wedge control..

Compared with the traversing gauges the mechanical maintenance effort is minimized. The usage of multi channel Ionization chambers in contrast to Szintillation detectors increases the availibility and relibility of the system and reduces the requirements to the environmental conditions of the measuring system.

Layer Thickness Measurement/Paint Layer Thickness

The measurement of the paint layer thickness is realized with synchronized measuring positions for primer and finisher. The used system is based on the Isotope backscattering method. Depending on the application the actual wet and dry values will be recorded over the whole strip width with traversing systems. The values will be evaluated and used for the controlling of the painting process or storied for quality assurance. The properties of different paint specifications can be stored in the measuring system.

Layer thickness measurement/Zinc layer thickness

The operation close to the lower coating limit is requirement for the profitable operation of coating lines and especially of galvanizing lines. MESACON isotope backscattering and X-ray fluorescence based layer thickness gauges provide all relevant data for this optimisation process.

Length- and Speed Measurement

The non contact speed and length measurement systems will be manufactured from our sister company – the LDV Systeme GmbH. These systems can be installed direct at or in the C- frame of the thickness gauge and can be connected via a common interface to the customers process control system.
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